Coping Power Child Group Prgram Workbook 8-Copy Set


This program is an evidence-based intervention for behavioral in pre-adolescent children (grades 5 and 6), targeting children who are beginning to show signs of severe aggression and social dysfunction at school. Children who begin to exhibit aggression as pre-adolescents are much more likely to have histories of substance abuse, interpersonal violence, and criminal behavior in their adolescence. By targeting these children before their behavior has become extremely dangerous or unmanageable, this program has been proven to reduce the occurence of these programs, and to improve functioning in school. This program teaches positive strategies for coping with perceived conflict or threat, as well as an understanding of the participant's feelings and motivations behind inappropriate behaviors. The Coping Power program also involves an intervention with aggressive children and a simultaneous program for their parents, to increase positive interactions at home as well as at school. The Facilitator's Guide includes step-by-step instructions for accurately implementing this evidence-based program.

ISBN: 9780195370812

The Coping Power workbooks can be ordered through Oxford Press Publishing. Please visit our Coping Power website to learn more about the Coping Power program.